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Having 2 DUI's in less than 6 months was not something I expected to have on my plate. It was something that occurred so sudden & i was afraid of what would happen to me had i not took care of this in the best way possible. Here is where Mrs. Laina Chikhani comes in. Words aren't enough to explain how much she helped me resolve this matter, which i can confidently say wouldn't have been done without her help. On the day of conviction I didn't serve any jail time or community service alternative. I was very stressed out because I had no idea what to expect. Personally I couldn't afford to have anything obstruct my current schedule going to school & working in the midst of this mess I put myself in. Maybe it was my good luck that allowed me to find Mrs. Laina Chikahni after my first DUI, and upon our first meeting I was confident that this was an individual versed in her craft, and cared about her clients. Thank you Mrs. Laina Chikhani. Her professionalism, expertise in her field, and the connections she has built that work in her favor every time. You will not go wrong with Mrs. Chikahni…ever.

(5 star review)

– Prince Singh

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