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Ma. Chikhani is an expert litigator

Ma. Chikhani is an expert litigator. I met Ms. Chikhani in law school and have been referring clients to her ever since. She is highly organized and unfailing professional. She has a good reputation with both judges and defendants. She is tireless in her efforts for her clients and I have rarely seen a lawyer so dedicated to constant improvement. I worked as a criminal defense investigator for 10 years and I would trust Ms. Chikhani with my own case.

An Update: I am back at work as an investigator and Ms. Chikhani is now one of a handful of attorneys I'll work with. Knowing that I'm working for an attorney who can effectively direct and utilize my work is essential for me. Laina continues to surprise and impress me with her abilities as well as inspire me with her dedication.

(5 star review)

– Nick R.

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