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All, I unequivocally recommend Cate Beekman as your next attorney. Specifically, if you need 5-star representation, go with Ms. Beekman post haste. Why? Ms. Beekman is highly effective, brilliant, thoughtful, creative and most of all; she accomplishes the goal of zealous advocacy without insult, injury or raising her voice. She communicates as well to her client (me), as she does to judges. Furthermore, her working knowledge of legal standards and your issues – even if based on first impression - is first-class. When? If you have a current attorney (fire them, I mean that with all sincerity), retain her and thank me later. Not all attorneys are created equally. If you are looking for an attorney, bring her on board immediately. I witnessed first hand, her ability to digest voluminous information – distill what was relevant and irrelevant and make cogent arguments. That goes double in a small area such as Napa, CA where the paucity of effective counsel leaves much to be desired. You have a diamond in the rough in Ms. Beekman. She does not use superfluous words or enter anything into evidence to make the case for opposing counsel. She understands the burden of proof and uses it effectively and surgically. Background? For context (what is it worth), I never write reviews. Everyone's situation is different. I also put little opinion in the faith of others. However, Ms. Beekman's representation was so beyond perfection, that I believe I owe it to everyone reading this, that you hire her immediately. What's more, if it matters, I am an attorney myself, so I believe I know what good and bad lawyering looks like (or should like). Ms. Beekman represented me in a matter (that in my opinion had no merit). She took the matter to its logical conclusion and prepared me and represented my interest before the tribunal very well. First, her legal acumen is without peer. Opposing counsel, while over-matched, was a worthy adversary. Nevertheless, she objected when necessary. She also did not do anything to showboat or appease me for the sake of “getting even”. Additionally she made well-reasoned, articulated and ultimately effective arguments on my behalf. Second, her demeanor is even keel. Her temperament is the same. She knows how to calm you down, while also laying the crumbs for the trier of fact to find in your favor. To conclude, her sunny disposition is just who she is; a good-hearted person. However, do not let that disarm you, she is legally lethal when necessary. That said, if you need to win and “bet the case” (your tenuous position) – Ms. Beekman is who you should go with immediately.

– Anonymous

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